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5 Days Masai Mara Safari & Beach Bliss


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For your convenience in organizing your Jungle Africa Safaris experience, we've compiled a comprehensive list outlining what is covered and what is not included in your tour package. This detailed breakdown will provide you with a transparent overview, ensuring you are well-informed about what to anticipate and enabling you to make any required preparations ahead of the commencement of your journey.

Tour Map

This comprehensive map is designed to guide you through an exciting journey filled with remarkable destinations and captivating experiences.


We've meticulously crafted each day of your itinerary to provide an unparalleled experience. Whether it's uncovering historical landmarks or savoring the flavors of local cuisine, every moment is filled with adventure and excitement. Come embark on a journey with Jungle Africa Safaris as we guide you through some of the world's most captivating destinations

  • Arrive at the captivating Maasai Mara and seamlessly transition into the rhythm of the wild at your chosen accommodation.
  • Savor a delightful lunch at a local restaurant, offering a taste of regional culinary delights.
  • Opt for relaxation by the pool, immersing yourself in the natural surroundings, or embark on a leisurely nature walk.
  • As the sun sets, partake in a Welcome Maasai dance performance by the bonfire, marking the beginning of your extraordinary safari.
  • Set out on an early morning game drive, an exclusive opportunity to witness the vibrant Mara wildlife in the soft light of dawn.
  • Return to the lodge for a sumptuous brunch, blending flavors that celebrate the essence of the region.
  • The afternoon brings another thrilling game drive, followed by a bonfire storytelling session beneath the expansive African sky.
  • Immerse yourself in the rich Maasai culture with a visit to a local Maasai village, engaging in authentic cultural exchanges.
  • Enjoy a leisurely lunch at the lodge, followed by sundowners at the Tree-Top Bar, providing breathtaking panoramic views.
  • As night falls, relish a candlelit dinner at a scenic spot, surrounded by the sounds and ambience of the African wilderness.
  • Embark on a mesmerizing hot air balloon safari, offering a unique perspective of the Maasai Mara’s stunning landscapes.
  • Celebrate with a champagne breakfast and indulge in some rejuvenating spa time, allowing for relaxation and reflection.
  • Experience the Maasai culture in the afternoon, gaining insights into their traditions and way of life.
  • Conclude the day with dinner at a scenic spot, creating memories against the backdrop of the Mara.
  • Enjoy optional activities in the morning, ensuring you make the most of your final moments in the Maasai Mara.
  • Check out with warm farewells, carrying cherished memories of your safari and cultural encounters in the Mara.



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